Friday, April 04, 2014

This Month In Animation History

... presented by resident historian (and TAG President emeritus) Tom Sito:

April 1, 1996 -- Animation World Network, Toontown's virtual trade magazine, starts up.

April 2, 1943 -- Disney short Private Pluto is released. It's the first Chip and Dale cartoon. ...

April 9, 1991 -- Disney Television Animation's Darkwing Duck premieres.

April 12, 1911 -- Cartoonist Winsor McCay opens his vaudeville act with his Little Nemo animated short.

April 17, 1937 -- Porky's Duck Hunt marks the birth of Daffy Duck. One legend is that voice actor Mel Blanc designed Daffy's distinctive lisp to be an impression of Looney Tunes boss Leon Schlesinger. When they screened this cartoon, all the artists stood in dread of how Leon would take the joke. But Leon never made the connection that the Duck's voice was him: "Gee fellers, dat Duck iz pretty Ffffunny!"

A longer verion of "This Month In History" will appear in the April issue of The Animation Guild magazine "The Peg-board".


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