Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Selling Original Property

Variety tells us:

Cyril Pedrosa, who launched his career in Disney animation, has sold movie rights to his French graphic novel “Three Shadows” to FilmNation Entertainment.

“Three Shadows,” published in 2008, centers on a father who takes his son on an epic journey in order to cheat death.

Based in France, Pedrosa began his career in animation by working on “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Hercules.”

It’s the latest high-profile book adaptation set up at FilmNation — a key player in the independent sales-financing-producing world. ...

There are a number of artists in animation who create graphic novels. Some of them do them after hours when they're working at Disney or DreamWorks. We often tell them to make sure the company doesn't claim ownership, make sure you've done a carve out of rights, say you had the project in hand BEFORE you went to work at the House of Mouse or wherever. And if possible, go out and pitch the property to other companies AFTER employment ends.

It usually isn't an issue, but you never know. Studios can be ... quirky. Of course, for Mr. Pedrosa, this wasn't a problem. He's no longer at Disney.


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