Thursday, April 24, 2014

The TAG Interview -- Nik Ranieri (Part I)

TAG Interview with Nick Ranieri

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Nik Ranieri has had a long, fruitful career as a top-flight animator on hit cartoon features that reach back twenty-five years ....

Nik developed an interest in drawing at a tender age. His older brother liked to draw, and Nik liked to emulate his older brother. Although his sibling moved on to other pursuits, Nike stayed with the drawing thing, which led him to Sheridan College's animation program, and then to Canadian production houses. From there, it was on to employment with animator Richard Williams on a film entitled Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ...

This is the first of a three-part interview with Mr. Ranieri. The first section goes up today, the next two will be heard (and seen) Friday and Monday. (We'll be skipping over the low-traffic weekend.)

A fine Ranieri interview from the Animation Podcast, recorded in 2005, can be found here.


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