Thursday, April 10, 2014

One More In The Mix

DoubleNeg goes where others -- with results both good and bad -- have gone before.

Says Matt Holben, DNeg co-founder and CEO:

'Animated Feature Films are an exciting next step in the development of Double Negative. We recognise that whilst there are synergies wtih VFX it requires a different approach. We are thrilled that Tom Jacomb has joined us to develop our new division. We are excited by the long-term potential of feature animation and are determined to build a sustainable pipeline of work.'

So Double Negative is jumping into the feature animation game, hoping to replicate Pixar, Illumination Entertainment, Dreamworks, etc. I say good luck to them.

But the thing of it is, pipelines don't matter very much. Having a team with story chops is really most of the game. If you don't own that, great surfacers, lighters, animators and a manager with a long resume but short talent for molding an entertaining story with compelling characters buys you little.

Maybe Tom Jacomb is the right guy. I hope he is, because another successful animation studio means more jobs for more cartoon people. But the field is crowded, and making second-rate product is a good way to end up in the remainder bins at Toys R Us.


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