Thursday, April 17, 2014

Middle Kingdom Partnership

The Mouse dives into a LARGE market.

Walt Disney Studios and Shanghai Media Group Pictures will co-develop stories with Chinese elements, says an executive of the Magic Kingdom.

"The deal focuses on the weakest point in the Chinese film industry, the storytelling," says Stanley Cheung, managing director of The Walt Disney Company, China.

Under the deal, US-based action, adventure and fantasy writers will team with locally based Chinese writers and filmmakers to develop stories and scripts that bear all the hallmarks of Disney films and feature authentic Chinese elements fit for local co-production and aimed at the international market. ...

Diz Co.'s partnership mirrors DreamWorks Animation's (earlier announced) partnership. And both appear to have the same "weak point" issue. Like Disney, DreamWorks has more direct control of story development.

But are these Chinese-centric features going to find a wider global audience? And how profitable will they ultimately be?


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