Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bob Hoskins, RIP

Not very old, surprisingly.

Bob Hoskins, the bullet-shaped British film star who brought a singular mix of charm, menace and cockney accent to a variety of roles, including the bemused live-action hero of the largely animated “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” has died. He was 71.

A spokeswoman, Clair Dobbs, released a statement by his family on Wednesday saying that he had died in a hospital, where he had been treated for pneumonia. No other details were given. A much-honored, Oscar-nominated actor, Mr. Hoskins had announced his retirement in August 2012 after learning he had Parkinson’s disease. ...

He'll be remembered for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But his trunk was pretty full. There was also the original Pennies from Heaven, Hook, and Mona Lisa. But there was always the Rabbit.

“I think I went a bit mad while working on [Who Framed Roger Rabbit], lost my mind. The voice of the rabbit was there just behind the camera all the time. You had to know where the rabbit would be at every angle. Then there was Jessica Rabbit and all these weasels. The trouble was, I had learnt how to hallucinate.” ...


Floyd Norman said...

Bob Hoskins was an amazing actor and I still remember those exciting early days at Amblin before beginning Roger Rabbit.

Hoskins never gave a bad performance. The man could do anything. We're truly going to miss him.

Grant said...

Hoskins was a great actor. Even in roger rabbit, he shines, in an otherwise horrible movie.

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