Friday, April 25, 2014

The TAG Interview -- Nik Ranieri (Part II)

Some Ranieri animation from "Beauty and the Beast". (Ignore the irritating commercial.)

TAG Interview with Nick Ranieri

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When Mr. Ranieri made his way to Burbank after finishing work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, he had to prove himself as an animator all over again. Which in a short time he did. ...

Nik here discusses the challenges working on the Disney blockbusters of the nineties, and how it took awhile to gain the confidence of different directors as he moved from one animated feature to another. (Working his way to Supervising Animator was not always a smooth journey.)


sunita said...

Nik Ranieri (Part II) is a nice video. Thanks Mr. Ranieri to make such a video.
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Chris Sobieniak said...

Though I haven't heard this second part yet, here's some anecdotal stuff I have to say about the first part.

Here's a piece of animation Nik did on "The Raccoons" that I remember too well (being used in the opening of the show itself).

That "Rush" video Nik talked about was "The Body Electric", a TV special Atkinson Film-Arts did in '85 that hasn't been seen since (to my knowledge) outside someone managing to record the darn thing and stuck it up on YouTube simply because it had Rush's music in it. The special alone is nothing special, pretty much in the same vain of something like Nelvana's Rock & Rule that came before. I blogged about it with some model sheets to share!

I do sorta wonder which Diet Coke commercial Nik did Obelix for? There's a few up on YouTube nowadays for me to view, great animation as always. Fun to see the Gaulish character in the present day than back in 50 B.C.

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