Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving On Up

Mr. Register climbs northward.

Warner Bros Animation’s EVP Creative Affairs Sam Register has been promoted to President, Warner Bros Animation and Warner Digital Series. The second part of the title refers to Register’s role as head of a newly formed live-action digital content production unit where he will oversee the development and production of original live-action digital series, working with both Warner Bros TV-based creative talent as well as outside writers and producers. The studio already has such a division in Studio 2.0, which has spawned series like Childrens Hospital, which migrated to TV via Adult Swim.

Conglomerates are getting more involved all the time with digital content and internet delivery.

Warner Bros. has been expanding in the animation area. Warners Animation Group (WAG) is creating theatrical animated features on the main Warner lot, following the Chris Meledandri model of Develop-Projects-In-Southern-California-And-Produce-Them-Elsewhere.

Mr. Register, it appears, will continue to concentrate on home screen venues, expanding into live-action. While it would be good if he spends most of his time developing new animation, we wish him well in his added responsibilities.


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