Wednesday, April 16, 2014

French Animation Hub

Illumination Entertainment uses a Paris animation studio for much of its production work, but there are other cartoon hotspots in France:

The French town of Angouleme already has an international reputation for its Comic book Festival, but now it’s also gaining a reputation for animation. Dozens of studios have opened there over the past 15 years creating around a thousand jobs in the town.

France is the top animated film producer in Europe, and third worldwide behind the US and Japan. Thanks to government support and funding, animation is a growth sector in France, now employing around 5,000 people.

The town of Angouleme, in the west of France, is making a name for itself as a hub for animation, even attracting studios away from Paris.

You will note that France uses "government support and funding" to juice up its animation sector. You can also see here how Angouleme does indeed have a cluster of animation studios.

(Exactly how big they are, the Google map doesn't say.)


LeDidole said...

I studied at the Fine Arts school there and worked in different studios over the years, before moving on. The studios, they use to come and go on a fairly regular basis. But it true that with the Fine Arts school and the animation school there, there is a talent pool available.
And Angoulême is attracting the studios with some taxes incentives ( try to google "Pôle images" ).

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