Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Question

Yesterday there was north of six thousand hits on this sleepy little site.

If anybody can answer the question of "Why?", we would like to know.

We get why there was action when animated productions were listed last summer. Or when activity percolates over posts about studio visits. But what was so special about yesterday?

Anybody have a clue they would like to share?


Darrel said...

Wow! I don't have a clue...but interesting and most curious.

Mark Mayerson said...

Have you looked at your blogger stats? Found out which country had the most visitors? What post attracted the most visitors? What sites or searches referred the most? That would be a start.

Steve Hulett said...

So we poked around and here's a (partial?) answer:

"Wage Survey" -- 9/14/2015 -- totals 1402 hits

"In and Around DWA" -- 9/15/2015 -- has racked up 1071 hits;

And of course the animation production post from before that has run up a big number.

Of course you're never sure where the clicks are coming from. A few months back, Amid at Cartoon Brew e-mailed to say that the piece I did on Ken Anderson at CB had run up a sizable number of hits via (I think) Reddit. And it was all centered on Ken's anecdote about setting Walt's moustache on fire.

So you can never tell.

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