Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Another prime-time Fox show gets extended.

Fox is cementing the future of Bob's Burgers.

The network has handed out a two-season renewal, taking the animated comedy from 20th Century Fox Television into its seventh and eighth seasons.

The comedy, created by Loren Bouchard and Bento Box Entertainment has been a reliable performer opening the network's Sundays live-action/animated comedy mix. The renewal means Bob's and The Simpsons will likely be paired for the next two broadcast seasons. ...

Bob's has been a staple at Bento Box since its beginning, housed in the company's Burbank Studio. The staff has had some changes over the years, but many of the directors and board artists have been with the show since its early days.

Staffers have been rolling through a hiatus, but the show getting picked up for two more seasons means that artists will have steady employment the next few years, a good thing in this era of shorter schedules and fewer shows in a season order. Prime time cartoons still need orders of twenty-plus episodes.


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