Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Two Feature Directors,Two Comic Books

Multi media never goes out of style.

... DWA feature director Dean DeBlois and Dreamworks’ Dragons show writer Richard Hamilton are teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to bring How to Train your Dragon to comics through a series of graphic novels. The first, titled The Serpent’s Heir, will be released in 2016. ...

Lu: So Dean, how does it feel to be accomplishing your dream of publishing a comic?

DeBlois: Feels amazing! A lot of things are becoming kind of full circle for me. I was such a comics fan when I was a kid and it was my escape. I grew up pretty poor and there was a little smoke shop in a strip mall very close to my house. They knew I was a poor kid so they would let me come in on weekends and read everything on the rack for free. Then I’d commit it all to memory and go home and draw. I owe my story-telling sense, my drawing ability and my general sense of imagination to the many comic books that I was a fan of when I was a kid. ...v

And the other comic book project, from Hotel Transylvania helmer Genddy Tartakosky:

Newsarama spoke with Tartakovsky about his Luke Cage comic, as well as the Hotel Transylvania movies

Nrama: I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding your Luke Cage comic book series. Specifically: Have you heard from Marvel, since the announcement you made about the book? Tom Brevoort said on Facebook that you should contact him…

Tartakovsky: Really? I hadn’t heard that. I’ll have to get up with him. My old editor on the Luke Cage series, he’s not even at Marvel any more, he got up with me. But I haven’t had a chance to really look around yet.

Nrama: We had heard from your former editor that Paul Rudish, your frequent collaborator and co-creator of Sym-Bionic Titan, was being talked to about finishing the book off your art.

Tartakovsky: We had been talking to Paul, but that was a while back – and he’s busy these days, doing the Mickey Mouse shorts. I think I would probably be able to finish it on my own.

Nrama: Have you talked to Marvel at all since the Disney acquisition?

Tartakovsky: I haven’t....

Nrama: Do you have any thoughts on it?

Tartakovsky: I think it’s good. As long as Marvel gets to be kind of autonomous, I think things will be fine. ...


Colin Lee said...

This was an interesting recent development:

Low risk dollars for Dreamworks.

Think AwesomenessTV will turn out to be transformative for Dreamworks, because it's the opposite biz model

Old animation biz: slow moving/hard to shift gears, high capital costs, risky,

ATV: quick turnaround time, very low costs, fan-base turned actors/actress system leads to committed audience, integration with corporations to produce content.

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