Friday, October 30, 2015

TAG 401(k) Stats

On Monday, the Animation Guild holds it's quarterly trustee meeting for its 401(k) Plan. The latest statistics:

Total Plan Assets -- $222,897,543 -- (93% Vanguard Funds; 7% Other)

Average Plan Balance -- $85,631

Total Plan Participants -- 2,604 ...

Other factoids:

87% of participants hold their assets in a balanced Target Date Fund.

From the first quarter of the year to the present, the average participant balance has dropped from $93,585 to $85,631. (This reflects the drop in equities' markets.)

Target Date Fetirement Fund fees have dropped from 16-18 basis points to 10 basis points, this due to a shift from regular Target Date Retirement Funds to Vanguard Target Retirement Trusts II.

Because of a decline in asset values , some Vanguard Institutional shares (both bond and stock) have been mapped to Admiral shares, resulting in slightly higher costs.


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