Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two Features -- Two Markets

So Fox and Blue Sky Studios have rolled out a new trailer for their big theatrical release:

Charles Schulz's characters are known products in a wide variety of media: TV, comic strips, lunch boxes. And the feature now poised for release is going to be turning up on a whole lot of big screens in bigger multiplexes. ...

And then there is the sequel to a big (in its day) theatrical feature from ten years ago:

This one, a feature entitled Open Season: Scared Silly, is the fourth installment of a moderately successful franchise, but not quite so successful that the fourth incarnation gets a high-end budget or a major theatrical rollout (at least in the U.S.)

Sony clearly wants to hit various markets. Just now it has the second Hotel Transylvania cleaning up at the world box office. But it isn't shy about keeping older franchises going, even if those franchises end up on little silver disks instead of big silver screens.


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