Wednesday, October 28, 2015

George Lucas, animation producer.

Two months after George Lucas completed his original “Star Wars’’ trilogy with “Return of the Jedi,’’ another Lucas production flopped in a test engagement and has rarely been seen since.

John Korty, a longtime Lucas friend perhaps best known for directing the TV-movie “The Ewok Adventure’’ in 1984 explained to The Post the financial issues and controversies that have kept “Twice Upon a Time’’ largely out of circulation for three decades until its recent release on DVD by the Warner Archive Collection. ...

The film took more than two years to make “at an old three-story house in Mill Valley’’ with a crew that included segment animator Henry Selick (“Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’’) and a 19-year-old David Fincher (“The Social Network’’) as a “computer and technical assistant. We were using old Mitchell 35 mm cameras, and he knew all about them."...


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