Monday, October 26, 2015

Middle Kingdom Growth

As the financial section says:

... China’s animation studios are increasingly targeting overseas markets, cleaning up their cartoons where needed to meet foreign rules for content aimed at children, industry experts say. ...

“I have talked with many potential domestic or foreign partners about licensing, including a world-renowned cartoon distributor which has been the agent for Walt Disney in the international market for years,” Shan Xiaodong, marketing supervisor at Beijing-based Jinding Animation Studio, told the South China Morning Post.

He said his company was familiar with rating rules for cartoons in Western countries and took them into consideration when creating new content.

“For example, in the novel [Journey to the West] there is cannibal element – monsters all want to eat Tang Monk’s flesh hoping to live forever. We delete those plot elements because they are not acceptable in foreign countries if we are targeting children there,” Shan said.

Last year the industry saw revenue of 100 billion yuan (HK$121.87 million), an increase of 15 per cent year-on-year, according to This figure is about 10 times what the industry recorded 10 years ago. ...

The thing of it is, there's more to it than just cutting the dirty stuff out of your cartoons. You also need to tell stories that people want to watch. It's more than just removing the flesh eaters from home screens.

China, India and other places also have cultural barriers to climb over. Physical gags and comedy translate no matter what continent you're sitting on. Stiff and stilted dialogue? Not very much.


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