Monday, October 05, 2015


We try not to break news of sequels or originals here, because over the years studios have reamed us for it. (Okay, they've reamed me. Just last week a Disney staffer e-mailed to say that the studio hadn't announced Wreck-It Ralph 2, and I should take it off the "in development" list.

I replied that I would be happy to, except that John C. Reilly had already made the announcement several months before and so it was kind of silly to do that. ...

And I sent him the link to prove it.


But we get it, studios are touchy about premature publicity, and like to have con-TROL. And we do our best to comply with the "Secret" classification to projects we know are going on. Even so, what's getting developed is an endlessly fascinating topic of discussion, particularly when it comes to sequels.

Den of Geek blatted out its take on what second, third and fourth chapters to various originals are now getting made. There are a hell of a lot of animated features on it, so we thought it would be useful to link to it tonight.

Which we've done. And if there are some sequels that have been missed, feel free to tell us.


N/A said...

I can't believe Disney told you off for the Wreck-It Ralph 2 thing. That is ridiculous!

Hundreds of websites & publications posted that announcement, not just Cartoon Brew. It's literally all over the Internet. John C. Reilly gave another interview after his initial announcement and confirmed it AGAIN! Then director Rich Moore confirmed too in an interview with IGN at the D23 Expo this year.

How much more official can it get than that?

Honestly, the way Disney handles stuff like this is plain stupid. Don't they know that once that cat is out of the bag, you can't put it back?

goodboi said...

Wreck It Ralph 2 was never secret. We basically knew one was happening before the first one came out. This is ridiculous.

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