Saturday, October 10, 2015

Super Heroes of an R-Rated Nature

Comic Book Resources relates:

"Batman: Bad Blood" producer James Tucker revealed the animated adaptation of "The Killing Joke" has the potential to be rated R during a Friday night panel at New York Comic Con. CBR has reached out for comment.

When asked about the shift from adaptations of comics to original features, Tucker said, “At first we were pretty much told that’s what we were going to do." He mentioned that, of the three annual films, one tends to be an adaptation, with the next being “Killing Joke.” "They said we could make it an R" for "Killing Joke," Tucker said, quickly adding, "[I'm] not saying that’s what it will be, but we’ll see.” ...

This is a case of internet fan-boys getting overly excited, because there will almost certainly be no R-rated direct-to-video feature getting released by Warner Bro.s Animation.

R-rated animated features for the home market arent part of any entertainment conglomerate's business model. I can just imagine the reaction of an exec on Warner's main lot: "You're going to release a ... WHAT?!"

Won't be happening.


Steve Hulett said...

You're not related to House Majority Kevin McCarthy, are you?

Just wondered.

Unknown said...

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Stephen said...

While I doubt there will be an R rated animated adaptation of the Killing Joke, I don't think it's necessarily out of the question for DC to produce an R rated animated film one day. Comic books never used to be R rated either, but once the market proved there was an audience for it, they were made. With the influence of things like anime and animation being taken more seriously by adults here in America, I can see it happening in another decade. Especially with Netflix and VOD models cutting the overhead. If an R rated animated Batman appeared on Netflix tomorrow, do you really think it would go unnoticed?

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