Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hand Drawn

So a higher profile actor joins the cast of a hand drawn feature:

Williams Shatner has been cast in the animated horror feature film Malevolent.

Malevolent follows the story of four siblings who are called upon when their evil, estranged father finds out he is dying. He announces to his children that he plans to set out his will, but the will is a guise to get them together so that he may exact revenge on his offspring. The father's plans go awry when intergalactic gamblers take an interest in the situation, waging bets on the family's in-fighting.

The former Captain Kirk will play the Overseer, the film's narrator. ...

This production is a lower budget feature, so I'm assuming lots of the work will be done offshore. But hey. Hand drawn.

Shatner has done animation voice-over work throughout his career; he voiced one of the characters in DreamWorks Animation's Over the Hedge, a picture that didn't over-perform at the box office (there were no sequels) but is an entertaining and amusing film, nevertheless.


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