Friday, October 16, 2015

Meantime, Down South

Georgia is serious about ramping up its movie and television business.

— Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed believes the new film training program for residents can create more experienced workers for the state's growing television and motion picture industry.

Reed and partners launched the City of Atlanta Entertainment Training Program with the hopes of educating local workers who aspire to be employed in the TV and film industry. The program will focus on aspects of movie making including animation, cinematography, post production, visual effect, editing and makeup.

"Providing a trained below-the-line workforce is critical to the film industry's growth in Atlanta and Georgia," Reed said in a statement. "This program will ensure that our residents and young people have access to a unique opportunity to learn from world-class professionals and acquire vital skills." ...

Georgia hosts live-action TV and feature work in a major way. It has an aggressive program of giving movie-makers free money to come make their product on Georgia's red clay. And unlike California, Georgia's subsidies cover animation. (Which might explain why Cartoon Network, Bento Box and others have animation studios in and around Atlanta.)

What we'd like to see is soe of Atlanta's animation artists get a bit of experience below the Mason-Dixon line, then drive out to L.A. and join us in Los Angeles. Where the wages are higher.


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