Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Big Plans for Ice Age 3

Fox knows on which side its bread is buttered. And since Ice Age Deux cleaned up internationally three years ago, News Corp. this time is leaving nothing to chance .

Fox will release its 3-D animated feature "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" in most countries around the world within a day or so of its July 1 domestic bow. Getting 3-D screens in place has been a challenge.

"The deployment of 3-D screens is far less internationally than it is domestically," Fox international distribution co-president Paul Hanneman noted.

Fox expects to have 1,500-2,000 3-D screens in place for "Dawn," spread among 11,000 international screens set to play the movie ...

Fox knows a zingy franchise when it sees one. Seventy percent of Ice Age 2's $652 million worldwide take came from overseas, so the current edition is going to get a monster roll out in all parts of the globe.

Art is well and good, but there's all those euros, rubles, yuans, pesos and yen to think about.


r said...

Well, we can bet however successfull the movie will be, that it wont translate into better salaries for the artists.


Anonymous said...

Actually it has. Blue Sky is now pretty competitive in the salary dept, after losing 40% of its animation staff to Pixar and Dreamworks over the last year or so. At least, so I hear.

Plus, they get residuals on the films box office take.

I saw IA3 on Fathers Day. Its actually pretty good. Fantastic animation, as usual

tornacy said...

to anon 12:12

Easy to make such a claim, without evidence.

Please, produce it, if you can.

Anonymous said...

Well, Im not going to post my pay stub, but I can tell you that from first hand experience that my salary, and the salaries of my peers are much more in line with the averages on the annual survey. I think the minimum for animators in TAG is somewhere around 75k, and the average being somewhere between 87 and 92k a year, and thats what we're most of us (that I know, maybe Im ignorant) fall in.

Thats not how it used to be.

But we do get residuals in a bonus pool based off box office performance, that's no secret.

Anonymous said...

A bonus pool is not getting residuals. It's getting a bonus. DreamWorks is another studio that has a bonus pool. It's a cool thing, but it is not at all the same thing as residuals.

Union animators do get actual residuals, which go into their benefits package.

R. said...

Very well, I'll trust you on that, I need not see anyone's paystub. But the numbers do seem to be in line with what other studios pay.

Got another question though. Do they offer contract positions ( on project basis) or is it full time contrats? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

They have 2 distinctions: Temps and Full time animators

Full time animators can be at-will employed animators, or have year-based contracts (2-3 year). Depends on the individual.

Temps are project-based animators whose employment ends at the end of a film. Some are kept on depending on performance and availability

r said...

The whole religious undertones present in "Whorton hears a who" totally put me off. Love their animation, but,sermons belong in the church, not the theater.

Hopefully none of this superstition nonsense is present on Ice Age 3. But,being part of the Fox conglomerate, who knows...


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