Saturday, June 20, 2009

Middle June B.O.

Now with fiber-rich Add On

Upfloats past the $200 million marker, coming in at #4, as it collects $6.1 million on Friday, continuing to track as one of Pixar's bigger domestic earners.

Disney-Pixar's 3-D toon "Up" ... declined 39% to an estimated $6.1 million from 3,832 theaters for a cume of $208.9 million. Film is only the second 2009 title to jump the $200 million mark domestically after Paramount's "Star Trek" ($234.7 million).

Sandra Bullock and Disney score a end-of-week #1 with The Proposal, which takes the top slot as t earns $12.4 million ...

Second and third places go to Year One and The Hangover, finishing in a dead heat with $8.5 million apiece.

Add On: Sandy B. and Disney come in at the top of the box office heap (The Proposal = $34.1 million), and Up continues to truck right along:

“Up” dipped 31% in its fourth frame to gross an estimated $21.3 million from 3,832 runs for a cume of $224.1 million. The toon is coming close to surpassing Paramount’s “Star Trek,” the most successful film of the year thus far at the domestic B.O. Pic grossed $239.4 million through Sunday.


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