Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Toon Disney Experience

Today was my Disney Toon day, and the artistic staff is busy with various Tinkerbell features in different stages of production (Numbers Three, Four and Five are in work; number Two is ready for launch. As one of the Tink artists related:

"It's been great having so many projects coming through, because it's really helped a lot of us have longer employment. And management is lining up more projects beyond Tinkerbell, so that's good.

The way things work here is that John Lasseter sits down with the story crew and looks at the story reels for one of the pictures, then we go into another room and go over his notes. I've been here off and on for years, and before John it wasn't this way. The old set of execs didn't want story artists around and didn't want input, so this is a good change. And John brings in folks from Pixar who also look at what we've done and also give notes. He's got a group of Pixar women development people who give notes..."

I was able to get a look at some of the visual development for the next group of Toon Disney features (waay different than Tinkerbell) and my first reaction was: "That's going to make the Mouse a lot of money!"

Because it is a real commercial property.

(And no, I'm not going to say anything about what it is, since the company hasn't announced much about it yet.)


Anonymous said...

"...a group of Pixar \\ development people who give notes..."

Oh lord....here we go again.

Anonymous said...

(waves hand) Oooh! Ooh! Do the new toons have anything to do with Maleficent?

Justin said...

Notes are not a bad thing. Everyone in Pixar, Disney Animation Studios, and Disney Toon Studios is encouraged to give notes. Mandatory notes are bad. Conflicting mandatory notes are even worse.

r said...

Yeah, why don't we let the concierge and the janitor give some notes as well...they have an opinion, no?


Anonymous said...

Pixar development women Boy, that sounds like fun.

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