Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy 75th, Mr. Duck

We're informed that today is Donald Duck's 75th anniversary of pestering people.

... Unlike many other Disney characters, Donald has aged well. The veteran of 18 feature films, over 150 shorts and eight television series, he also has starred in 21 video games ...

I'm part of the post-war generation that remembers Donald as the hero of countless Carl Barks comic book adventures. (How many of those were there?) I even had a multi-year subscription for "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories," which had a Carl Barks epic in each issue.

Simpler times, free of computers and the internet. But Donald successfully navigated through them. All power to the Duck.


Larry Levine said...

It may have started with a mouse, but Donald Duck is Disney's greatest character!!!

If I may add, Donald also ruled the funny pages under the gifted artistry of Al Taliaferro.

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Emily said...

Donald Duck cracks me up. Putting dynamite in his nephews' Halloween bags, shoving cigars down their throats, and such...

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