Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life Magazine and Disney

Life Magazine photographed Walt and his studio quite a lot from the 1930s to ... well, to right now. (Although these days it would be Time-Warner covering the Disney Co., I guess).

But there are some pictures tucked in the link above that I haven't seen before, so I post a couple here.  Above, a pensive Walt in 1938. (h/t TAG board member -- and crackerjack storyboard artist --  Bob Foster.)

Below, Walt and Ward Kimball in January 1939, poring over drawings of the cricket for Pinocchio ...

Joyous weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I realize this is off-topic (or maybe not, given how Walt tried to screw some of his employees out of decent wages), but when will the results of this year's wage survey be released?

Benny said...

Are those studio gag drawings behind Walt and Ward??

Two or three of those visible drawings feature obvious caricatures of the way Ward was caricatured by Walt Kelly and others!

. . . And what does 'h/t' mean in reference to Bob Foster?

Anonymous said...

"Hat tip" -- as in "thanks for the link"

Steve Hulett said...

We published the wage survey results in April.

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