Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Dopey MegaCollector: #3 of 4

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Aaaand ... here's the third of a series of Dopey roughs by Fred Moore (see number 1 and number 2).


Mike said...

So......he was a genius animator.

In 2006 I had the good fortune to be invited into (my HERO!!!!) Borge Ring's home for a sleep over. We were up all night talking like kids about nothing but animation and animators. Fred Moore came up (of course) during our conversation. Borge asked me who my favorite animator of all time was. Probably the toughest question you could ever ask an animator. Well, after explaining that it was impossible to pick JUST ONE on account of there were SO MANY fantastic animators out there.....I said Freddie Moore. He said he used to try to "copy" or emulate Moore's style, but that later on he had a realization and shifted his efforts to STORY. He was right of course.
The BEST animation in the world can't save a poor story.

With that said, I still think Freddie Moore was a GENIUS!!!
And Borge Ring is a genius too!!

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