Sunday, June 07, 2009

Up In Foreign Lands

The Disney-Pixar feature is just starting to get rolling abroad, but early launches are encouraging:

The frame ... saw domestic leader "Up" land $7.8 million at 1,298, including a $3.8 million launch in Mexico -- the second best opening for a Disney/Pixar title in that market -- and a $2.6 million second frame in Russia, off 35%. Disney's opted for a staggered foreign release that will last for the rest of the year.

So Up will be unspooling in various territories into December. If it has similar percentages to those of Bolt (obviously the total numbers will be way higher), you're looking at a foreign/domestic split of 60/40.

Doing back-of-the-envelope math, it seems clear that the House of Mouse has itself a winner.


Anonymous said...

Mouse House had a lot riding on Up this summer, so they lucked out. It really doesn't have other offerings with Prince of Persia moving to next year.

Ryan Summers said...

With Denzel and Travolta opening up with a warmed over remake with little buzz, what's the chance Up stays at #1 for another week?

Anonymous said...

We're not even sure that Up was #1 this weekend yet since the estimates are so close. When the actuals come out tomorrow, it wouldn't be surprising to see The Hangover beat Up by under a million.

#1 or #2, still a great performance by Up in its second weekend though.

Anonymous said...

What about that Monsters Inc. 2 news?

Pixar is officially selling out, not?

Anonymous said...

"Pixar is officially selling out, not?"

If it's a good movie (and it will be) it's no more selling out than making audience-friendly blockbusters is in the first place. It is a business, after all.

Tim said...

Looks like "Up" is #1 for the second week in a row (the first film this summer to do that!), beating out "The Hangover by $900,000.

(According to Yahoo!)

Tim said...

I guess I got my news too early. "The Hangover" came in at $45mil, and "Up" finished the weekend at $44.1mil.
So the binge movie actually passed Up by nearly a cool million rather than the other way around.

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