Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work For Free Update

You might remember this from a few weeks ago:

Deferred payment 1st episode (no-pay), action/adventure series, Cartoon Network, paid assignments and/or production contract after 1st episode.

It was a happy little notice found on Craig's List, referring to Cartoon Network shows. We have now gotten a response from CN:

We don't know how this got up there, but we didn't put it up or have it put up. We have contacted Craig's List and told them to take down the posting, as it violates our union contract with the Animation Guild.

So, anybody that finds themselves working under this strange, "deferred payment" arrangement, call us quick and we'll take care of the problem.

Apparently Cartoon Network wants to take care of the problem too.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some ambitious person (likely new to the industry) was hopeful to get a new series on Cartoon Network and wrote a pilot but had no animators.

Steve Hulett said...

You think?

r said...

There's tons of people out there, with ideas and even scripts and character ideas looking for one or two animators to put their ideas on the screen.

One told me of his ambitions in the elevator where I lived!! They have NO IDEA how much work is involved in producing a pilot or a teaser, for example. They think one dude with a computer can whip it out in a few days. Well, perhaps there are a few individuals out there with the capacity, but, they will not do it for free.

My point is that these people don't realize how much work it really is, or how much it should cost.


Jeff Massie said...

Re the comment from r above: there are two things those "tons of people" have in common:

1. A total disrespect of our craft, largely born of ignorance, and

2. Every one of them has at one time or another called me wanting Andy Deja's home phone number. (I didn't give it to them.)

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