Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Name at least two things missing from these pictures

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Left: Steve Hulett. Below: Marta Strohl-Rowand. Below the fold: Lyn Mantta; Jeff Massie.


Anonymous said...

looking nice, Steve... when do you guys move in ?

where can I find the stats on this new office? I'm looking for the following numbers
1. How much did the building cost to purchase?
2. How much did the remodel cost?
3. does the remodel costs include the new furniture and office equipment/appliances?
4. where did the funding come from?
5. How much is this costing each one of TAG's members (on an average).. I assume some of our quarterly dues go towards such expenses.

who would know these answers?

Thanks much!

Steve Hulett said...

TAG members have discussed these topics at length at general membership meetings.

Any TAG member can come to the next membership meeting, held August 4 at 7 p.m. at 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank and find out details.

Steve Hulett said...

As to moving in, the ETA is next month.

Jeff Massie said...

My bad, the map link in Steve's comment above above is NG.

This will put you in the right place.

Anonymous said...

why won't you answer the guy or atleast point him to the person who might know the answers. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to attend a general membership meeting (especially if they are up in north california) but that doesn't mean they are not interested in the financial matters of the guild they belong to. I'm sure everyone would love to know even if they cannot attend a general membership meeting.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, a public blog isn't the place for info that is privy to TAG members only. This should be obvious, to anyone who is a member of TAG. I can also see a plausible case that giving that kind of info out over the phone could be problematic, given that they can't be absolutely sure they are actually talking to a member. Maybe there's a way to verify over the phone, not sure.

My guess is that if information like that is important enough to you, then I think a physical visit to the TAG offices for a face-to-face conversation isn't an unreasonable request. Conversely, it could also be a reasonable request to mail out an informational sheet to all TAG members detailing the costs, so that all the membership can be kept abreast of their new headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Newbie, maybe you don't know this, but we have some of the lowest dues in the industry and they infrequently go up. So try to get a grip before you accuse Steve, et al of using all your money willy nilly so they can actually work in a decent building for the first time since I've been a member (35 years).Even 35 years ago the building they were in seemed like a piece of crap and I would've hated to have to drive in to work there everyday.

Kevin Koch said...

Getting a new building for TAG members has been in ongoing discussions for over 10 years, as a review of old Peg-Boards will show. The records will also show that Steve Hulett and the staff were against the idea for most of that time, partly out of concern that it would be perceived as something built for them (the staff). They were perfectly happy to keep working in the old building.

It was the majority of the executive board (the ones who are not staff) who drove the idea that the membership would be better served with a new building, one with parking and functional meeting rooms and the potential for extracurricular activities. The general membership overwhelmingly supported the idea at membership meetings.

The money that paid for the building came from a treasury that was steadily built up over decades, and much of it came from investment returns on Guild funds. In that sense it is not costing any members anything.

This is the third building that TAG has had over it's approximately 60 year history. Each one has been better and more functional than the previous one. We tried to design this one to meet the membership's needs for many many years to come, and I think having this building will come to look like a no-brainer in retrospect. Hope that clears things up.

Steve Hulett said...

why won't you answer the guy or at least point him to the person who might know the answers

For obvious reasons, we don't blat out financial info on the internets.

Happy to share with members elsewhere, however.

Anonymous said...

Kevin & Anonymous (Thursday, June 18, 2009 7:36:00 AM) , Thanks for explaining it clearly.

Steve, I'm totally for the new building. Anyone who's visited that rat-hole on Lankershim would be happy for you, Jeff, Marta, Lyn and the others who work there. I think the money is wisely spent and no one is accusing you (or the executive board) of "using our money willy nilly". I just wanted to know how much it cost. I'll ask you when I see you.

- "newbie"

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