Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coraline Kudos

Mr. Selick's Oregon opus shared the Big Award at Annecy yesterday:.

Henry Selick’s “Coraline” and Australian Adam Elliot’s "Mary and Max” shared the best feature nod at the 33nd Annecy Animated Film Festival, Europe’s most important toon confab. Prizes were unveiled Saturday at the fest’s closing ceremony.

The stop-motion 3-D “Coraline” was one of the most anticipated - and applauded - films at Annecy.

Already opening Sundance this year, “Max,” a clay-animated toon about an unusual pen-pal friendship, had been a favorite with critics and execs alike ...

What's struck me over the past dozen years is that both the quality and quantity of animated features continues to rise.

Even more importantly, the box office is solid for any number of 'toons. Which of course explains why any number of 'toons are getting made in various corners of the world.


Is it a glut? Only if the product doesn't make money. Otherwise, it's just Hollywood and other places working hard to keep up with a hungry public's insatiable demand.


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