Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The MegaCollector's Yogi Bear

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When I was five years old, Yogi Bear premiered as part of Hanna-Barbera's syndicated Huckleberry Hound show, and I can recall being impressed (and a bit confused) that a famous baseball player would name himself after a cartoon character.

The Blue Hound's sidekick quickly became sufficiently popular to be broken off into his own show, along with Snagglepuss and the quickly-forgotten Yakky Doodle.

Wikipedia points out that Yogi was one of many H-B characters to have a collar, which facilitated animating his head separately from the rest of his body.

Local 839 picketers at H-B in 1982 sang their own version of the Yogi Bear Show theme song:

Yogi is the bear
With the greediest boss
When H&B subcontracts
It's America's loss!

Have a foreign country
You will find him there
We're on unemployment
'Cause our bosses don't care!

That's why we are mad
That's why we're annoyed
Hanna won't be happy
'Till we're all unemployed!

Hanna has it better
Than a millionaire
'Cause he's un-American
And that's unfair!


Yowp said...

Who would have done the layouts on these .. Dick Bickenbach?


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