Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cameron Directing Animation

This is out and about, but James Cameron is on board to direct a fragment of Heavy Metal.

... James Cameron has now come on board as Co-Executive producer, and will direct a segment. Cameron’s involvement is also notable because it pretty much guarantees that the film will be 3D. It was also revealed that Jack Black would be part of Kung Fu Panda helmer Mark Osborne’s comedy segment ...

As Brad Bird transitions into live action, directors Cameron, Spielberg and Verbinski are dipping their toes into Toonland. Although there is nothing new about animation directors entering the realm of sets and live actors, directors traveling the other way is a relatively new phenomena. Robert Zemeckis, I think, was the first with Polar Express.

(And it's always good to see an oldie making a reappearance.)


Anonymous said...

Robert Zemeckis would have been the first with... "Roger Rabbit"

But "Heavy Metal" in 3D seems not like "Heavy Metal".

robiscus said...

The poster above beat me to it. Heavy Metal is an adult comic book on the big screen. If it isn't in 2D, it isn't Heavy Metal.

Yet another example of hollywood not knowing its ass from a hot rock.

Steve Hulett said...

Robert Zemeckis would have been the first with... "Roger Rabbit"

Would agree with you EXCEPT that Richard Williams directed the animation. Zemeckis was in charge of the live action.

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