Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The MegaCollector's Cab Calloway

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Not even the great and powerful MegaCollector himself knows what cartoon this Cab Calloway caricature comes from.

Calloway made three cartoons for Fleischer Studios: "Snow White", "Minnie The Moocher", and "The Old Man Of The Mountain", but this image doesn't seem to be from any of those. Yet it's definitely the Hi-De-Ho Man ...

Below, "Minnie the Moocher".

ALL-STAR ADD-ON: Thanks to Fun With Mr. Future for telling us that the drawing is by Ward Kimball, from the Disney Silly Symphony "Mother Goose Goes To Hollywood".

Any excuse to post a Cab Calloway cartoon (as he said, Calloway is at about 6:45):


Fun With Mr. Future said...

This drawing is from Disney's "Mother Goose Goes Hollywood" .

About the 6:45 mark :

Fun With Mr. Future said...

I forgot to mention that the animation of Cab Calloway in Mother Goose Goes Hollywood is by Ward Kimball.

Other animator ID's on this page :

and here (the scene draft from Mother Goose Goes Hollywood) :

Fun With Mr. Future said...

Sorry, just one more geeky thing :

Mr. or Ms. Mega-Collector could tell that this drawing is from a Disney film by measuring the distance between the peg holes on the drawing.

The Disney studio had it's own peg system which was similar to , but not exactly the same as Acme pegs.

On the Disney pegs the two oblong pegs were 3 1/2" inches from the center of the middle round peg hole, not 4" as with Acme pegs.

Animation Peg Holes comparison: Acme, Oxberry, Disney Pegs

Disney did not switch to Acme pegs until Basil of Baker Street in the 80's .

The Hi de Ho Blog said...

First, I would like to thank Fun With Mr. Future for linking to my website. I would simply add that you can find many other info on about Cab Calloway, his music and his musicians... and his cartoons.

Cab's been the most caricatured jazzman (he appears in 35!). You'll get some clips from the Old Mill Pond, Porky at the Crocadero, Swing Wedding, etc.

Come and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

On the mothergoose video you should say cab calloway's orchestra starts playing at 5:38, watch the video.

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