Thursday, June 04, 2009

Questions We Get Asked (Really!) #3

Q: So why do you walk around studios so much, talking to employees so much? What does that do?

A: It’s simple.

I visit studios to get out of my rabbit-warren of an office; to socialize with people I know and hope to know; but mostly to:

A) Find out what’s going on in animation land.

B) Check to see that the contract is being followed.

C) Make sure the studio knows that I’m walking around and checking.

Maybe I’m wrong in this, but the single most important thing I do (in my opinion), the single most important thing that any union rep can do, is visit the workplace of the people who are paying the dues. I don’t think a union rep can do her/his job at anywhere near peak performance if the rep doesn't walk room to room, cubicle to cubicle, and soak the workplace in.

I’m always surprised at how few union reps do this, because it’s really the best use of the rep's time.


Anonymous said...

we greatly appreciate your hard work.

r said...

Someone said "there are no stupid questions"...

I guess now we can say that that's not the case.


Floyd Norman said...

I like "B," but I really like "C."

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