Sunday, February 08, 2015

Afternoon of Remembrance

Now with Add On! Truth be told, it was actually a weekend of remembrance.

Per President Emeritus Tom Sito:

This year's Afternoon of Remembrance, [held at the Animation Guild on Saturday] was a great success. THANK YOU everyone for making it special. A standing room only crowd listened to Eric Goldberg salute Robin Williams, Eugene Salandra remember John Howley. Yvette Kaplan and I remembered Michael Sporn. Steve Hulett recalled eating lunch with Mickey Rooney. Martha Sigall, Bob Taylor and 56 other honorees. Good food. Laughter mingled with tears. A wonderful day. ...

When I was younger, I spurned the idea of ritual and ceremony. But as I grow older, I see their value. One day people who you were so close to are gone, and you are expected to go on as though nothing has happened. A ritual to acknowledge how important these people were to our lives, is a fitting punctuation to our mutual relationship.

A fine memorial, all around. Kudos to everyone who put it together. (It takes lots of work, planning, and energy to pull these memorials off.)

From the front of the house.

From the back of the house.

Nathaniel Chapman remembers his mother Liz Holzman.

Eugene Salandra salutes his friend John Howley.

Animation historian Jerry Beck sharing memories of Eddie Lawrence.

Yvette Kaplan and Tom Sito memorializing their east coast friend Michael Sporn.

Director and animator Eric Goldberg eulogizes Robin Williams.

Add On: Earlier today (Sunday), the guild hosted an individual remembrance ... this one for Disney legend Walt Peregoy.

Photographs of Walt. (Note the John Musker caricature on the left. And if you're a little vague about what Mr. Musker is referencing, we offer you a generous dollop of this.)

Marty Sklar, leading designer for Disneyland/Disney World, pays tribute to Mr. Peregoy.

Photographs: Bronwen Barry, Eugene Salandra, Tom Sito.


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