Thursday, February 05, 2015

More Cyber Fun

This is a heads up for participants in the Motion Picture Industry Health Plan. To wit:

Health insurer Anthem Inc, which has nearly 40 million U.S. customers, said late on Wednesday that hackers had breached one of its IT systems and stolen personal information relating to current and former consumers and employees.

The No. 2 health insurer in the United States said the breach did not appear to involve medical information or financial details such as credit card or bank account numbers. ...

Bullet points it's useful to know?

* Motion Picture Industry Health Plan was not hacked; Anthem (one of MPI's insurers) was.

* Financial info was not involved. (But we assume Social Security Numbers were.)

* The Plan is aware of the breach and will provide more information as it receives it.

Hacking is one of the growth industries here on Planet Earth, so it's good to keep abreast of what the latest melt-downs are. The more information you have, the better you can protect yourself. Hopefully.


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