Monday, February 23, 2015

Color Mickey

On this date, eighty years ago, the first full color Mickey Mouse cartoon was released. Titled The Band Concert, it also featured an early, longer-beaked incarnation of one D. Duck.

Walt Disney started making full-color cartoons in 1932 with the Silly Symphony Flowers and Trees (remade from black-and-white). Starting in '32 and extending to '35, Walt Disney Productions had the exclusive use of Technicolor's three-strip system which provided full-spectrum color.

The first three-color, live-action feature was Pioneer Pictures' Becky Sharp (1935), followed by Trail of the Lonesome Pine, A Star is Born, The Garden of Allah, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Wizard of Oz, and the eternally popular Gone With the Wind.

Walt Disney Productions, unlike other movie studios, never made a black-and-white cartoon after The Band Concert. (It made some black-and-white live-action features and TV shows during the 1950s, but that was about it for non-color films.)

Since 1935, Disney movies have been mostly rainbows.

H/t Tom (who else?) Sito.


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