Saturday, February 21, 2015

Disney Family Tree

A veteran artist, formerly of Disney's feature animation department, recently pointed out to me an interesting through line:

Thirty-plus years ago, we were doing a Disney World Show called Cranium Command. And we drew inspiration from an old Disney short, Reason and Emotion ...

Which is, if you don't know, this:

You will note the different visual representations of emotion/reason working on the characters? Look familiar to you at all? The son of this Disney short, per a Disney artist from the early eighties, would be ...

A presentation that was a staple inside EPCOT for decades.

Good old Cranium Command, an entertaining stop inside the "Wonders of Life" pavillion. It was created by Disney artists back in Burbank, one of whom was a talented young guy named Pete Docter.

So now, another thirty-five years along the Great Highway of life, Pete Docter is directing this Pixar feature:

Quite a lot of connecting wires between each of these Disney projects, don't you think?


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