Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Record Setting?

That's what StudioCanal would have us believe.

... Paddington is the highest grossing non-Hollywood family film ever, in fact. Having passed $200m since the weekend, it has kept Penguins of Madagascar ($333.9m) and the third Night at the Museum ($314.5m) in its sights.

That is still a way short of The Smurfs’ $421.1m figure – the No 1 film in the hybrid bracket – but Paddington has easily cleared the profit hurdle for StudioCanal, whose $55m outlay on the film was the biggest in their history. ...

They've made four times their costs, so yes, they have nudged into profits.

Depends on what qualifies as a Hollywood/non-Hollywood movie is. Occasionally it's hard to tell the difference.

Of course, StudioCanal did the smart thing. The prudent thing. They worked to make a quality film on a reasonable budget. And (apparently) succeeded. It's simple math, in the end. The more reasonable your expenses, the more chance you have of making your money back with profit when your movie finishes playing in all the normal places*.

* Movie theaters, broadcast tv, cable tv, Netflix, etc.


Justin said...

My friend's sister was VFX producer on the movie and he was telling me that they were able to make this movie on such a tight budget by doing what most producers either can't or won't do: making the director make tough choices and doing without things that are not in the budget!

Colin Lee said...

Do you think Vivendi will acquire DWA and have StudioCanal distribute DWA films after the Fox deal is up?

Universal Music's CEO (owned by Vivendi) is on the board of DWA...

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