Friday, February 27, 2015

Big Screen Time

... for the series Nick let slip through its fingers.

Adventure Time, one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network, is being developed at Warner Bros. for the big screen as an animated feature. Created by Pendleton Ward at Cartoon Networks Studios, Adventure Time follows the escapades of 12-year-old boy Finn and best friend dog Jake. .... The project will be produced by the winning combo of Chris McKay and Roy Lee.

McKay (one of the exec producers of The Lego Movie) was recently hired to direct The Lego Batman Movie at Warner Bros. and also was the genius behind Robot Chicken. Lee is producing The Lego Batman Movie and also produced Warner Bros.’ groundbreaking animated The Lego Movie along with Dan Lin. ...

Deadline has it the teensiest bit wrong.

Adventure Time was launched as a short at Nickelodeon under producer Fred Seibert's deal with the Viacom company, not at Cartoon Network.

Nick had the project in its corporate hands, but elected not to expand the short into a series. (And even though at least one Nick exec pushed to turn it into a full-blown half-hour, thicker heads prevailed.)

Nickelodeon then put the short into turn-around, and Seibert took it to Cartoon Network, where it was polished to a high gleam and became a ratings winner. The rest, as they say in Hollywood, is cartoon history.


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