Sunday, February 22, 2015

Your Global Box Office

... with animation doing pretty well throughout.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World-Wide Totals)

Spongebob Squarepants -- $21,900,000 -- ($201,171,834)

Jupiter Ascending -- $8,900,000 -- ($114,516,979)

Big Hero 6 -- $11,000,000 -- ($546,224,880)

Penguins of Madagascar -- $5,200,000 -- ($359,208,569)

Shaun the Sheep -- $4,500,000 -- ($17,500,000)

Paddington -- $1,000,000 -- ($227,660,766)

Paddington, now near the end of its run, has made a tidy profit forStudio Canal and the Weinstein Company. There is now buzz of the (inevitable) sequel.

Viacom's Sponge Out of Water gathered in in another $21 million from 44 markets for a foreign total of $76 million and global box office of $191.2 million.

And the "disappointing" Penguins of Madagascar now bumps against $360 million in world grosses. This compares unfavorably with the very successful (and Academy Award winning) Rango, which took in $245,724,603.

Perceptions and media memes are sometimes at odds with reality. Ten weeks ago, we were hearing

... Stifel analyst Benjamin Mogil says he expects DWA to book a $14 million loss for Penguins in Q4. He cut his domestic box office and home-video sales estimates by more than 25% and notes that the film “has limited consumer products expectations.” ...

It's true that Penguins under-performed in the U.S. of A., but grosses beyond our shores have been steady. Probably there won't be a loss taken on a movie that collects more than $360 million.


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