Thursday, February 26, 2015

Robert Osher Departs

... from Sony subsidiaries.

Sony Pictures Digital president Bob Osher, who oversaw Sony Animation and Imageworks for the past seven years, has been fired, according to knowledgeable sources.

Thursday’s firing comes amid an ongoing shakeup at the studio. On Tuesday, Tom Rothman was named chairman of its motion picture group in a surprise move that followed the Feb. 5 ouster of Amy Pascal as co-chair of the Culver City-based studio. ...

After Ms. Pascal lost her job, Mr. Osher's exit was pretty much baked into the corporate cake. As a Sony Picture Animation employee told me a year ago:

"Osher's focused on catering to Amy Pascal. He doesn't have any decent creative ideas. He's a survivor more than anything." ...

So now he's "decided to leave the studio to pursue other interests," which, when found in a company e-mail or press release, is often code for "we tossed him over the side. Hope he can swim."

But of course, that's not the case here. We wish Mr. Osher the best, and the very best of luck chasing other interests.


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