Thursday, February 12, 2015

Health Factoid

What the hell?

Wired found shockingly low vaccination rates at a number of corporate-sponsored daycare facilities in Silicon Valley. And kid-centric Pixar, now part of Disney, was one of the worst offenders: Only 43% of children at a Pixar-affiliated daycare center were up to date on their shots, according to California state records. Pixar was not immediately available for comment.

The current US measles outbreak has largely affected children of educated and affluent parents. Marin County (median household income $90,893) has the highest vaccine opt-out rate in the state, with only 84% of students entering kindergarten fully immunized. ...

Same opt-outs occur in southern Orange County ... another wealthy section of the state. I guess it's a free country, but you don't want to get this disease f you can avoid it. I had the measles at age six. No vaccines in those days. If you were in elementary school with other little carriers, you generally got slammed.

It was a week of fever, hallucination and night sweats. I was in the bathroom during Day 2 of the disease and saw big black caterpillars crawling across the tile sink. Total hallucination. There were no big, black caterpillars.

I (and the rest of the family) would have been thrilled to have a vaccination if it meant avoiding those things listed above. But vaccinations didn't exist then.


Celshader said...

I guess it's a free country, but you don't want to get this disease f you can avoid it.

You don't want the mumps, either. My dad grew up without any protection against mumps, because there was no mumps vaccine back then.

So, he got mumps as a kid. Mumps left him permanently deaf in one ear.

My brother and I grew up without measles, mumps, or other preventable diseases. My half-deaf dad made damned sure we got all our shots.

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