Friday, February 06, 2015

Fighting For Credit

Most artists and creators will fight tenaciously for credit they believe they've earned and deserve. Screen credit on features and television shows is one example; here's another:

The company behind a visual effects system used in Guardians of the Galaxy and other films is challenging an Academy Award being handed out Saturday to a man it claims is taking improper credit.

[Steve Perlman], president and CEO of Reardon Mova — a company behind a facial performance capture system that's being honored at the Academy's annual Scientific and Technical Awards — has sent a letter of appeal to the group's Science and Technology Council, arguing that the "core members of its R&D team responsible for essential inventions or major contributions," including himself, are not being recognized. ...

"It is horrifying to see a decade of my life's work credited to someone who was no more than a trainee of the end result." ...

In response, an Academy spokesperson says: "Mr. Perlman's work as founder of MOVA has been key. However, in this case, the Academy determined that his contribution was not of a technical or scientific nature and therefore not eligible for awards consideration." ...

I don't blame Mr. Perlman for being upset that he's left out. In the time I've been in animation, the angriest I've seen artists, writers or technicians is when they've been denied recognition, be it a screen credit or an award.


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