Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lawsuit Pushback

You remember the recent lawsuit by David Wentworth, Robert Nitsch Jr. and Georgia Cano? The one where Wentworth, Nitsch, and Cano claim a conspiracy for wage suppression? The studios made a motion to have the suit tossed out, and now the originators of the suit are pushing back:

... “Plaintiffs have presented a detailed Complaint which, taken as a whole, demonstrates not only the existence of a conspiracy to suppress compensation to employees in the animation and visual effects industry, but also many overt acts by Defendants to implement this conspiracy,” says the February 9 opposition from the trio (read it here). “Plaintiffs further allege the steps that Defendants have taken to ensure this conspiracy was discovered no earlier than 2013, meaning that this suit was filed well within the appropriate statute of limitations period.” ...

So they're claiming to be inside the statutory limits, and arguing for their day in court.

Will Judge Lucy H. Koh give it to them? We'll find out soon enough.


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