Monday, February 02, 2015

Monty Oum, RIP

From an entertainment journal:

Monty Oum, who was director of animation for online-video pioneer Rooster Teeth, died Sunday at the age of just 33.

Austin-based Rooster Teeth said in a blog post that Oum had suffered a severe allergic reaction during a routine medical procedure last month that left him in a coma.

Oum created the award-winning web series RWBY and had a key role in creating seasons 8 through 10 of Rooster Teeth’s durable online-video series Red Vs. Blue. ...

Age 33 is way too early to exit, but stuff happens. We can only imagine what Monty Oum would have accomplished if he had lived another three decades.

Add On: We received this from a colleague of Monty's:

... I worked with [Monty Oum] a couple of times on Red vs Blue, and he later directed his own show for a few seasons.

Red vs Blue is the longest running Sci Fi show in existence. they put out a weekly episode on the web. And Monty was a huge part of what made it so big. The founders of Rooster Teeth brought the humour, but Monty brought the action, and almost single-handedly created huge amounts of screen time for years before a crew came on to support him (that was what I was involved in).

He has millions of fans! There really aren't that many people in animation that can claim to have the following he has.

He was also a workaholic... like no-one I've seen before. He'd work through the night and sleep during the day. He had dozens of monitors in front on his desk. He lived in his motion capture suite (he wasn't really an animator), right next to the capture floor. He lived across the street so never really went far. It was mind blowing. He probably lived like that for 10 years.


Celshader said...

Sad news. :^(

Chris Dardis said...

This does suck. More hard than loosing the old greats is loosing the young potential greats. Loved his work :(

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