Sunday, February 01, 2015

Your World Box Office

Various animated features (and their cousins) rake in their share of coin.

Weekend Foreign Box Office -- (World Totals)

Hobbit 3 -- $22,400,000 -- ($915,877,988)

Big Hero 6 -- $20,100,000 -- ($484,655,425)

Boonie Bears Movie 2 -- $14,500,000 -- ($14,500,000)

Paddington -- $2,500,000 -- ($198,540,394)

Spongebob Squarepants -- $8,000,000 -- ($8,000,000)

Night At The Museum 3 -- $6,800,000 -- ($314,487,639)

Penguins of Madagascar -- $6,700,000 -- ($333,854,012)

Into the Woods -- $4,700,000 -- ($164,988,032)

Exodus: Gods and Kings -- $4,400,000 -- ($260,200,795)

Never heard of The Boonie Bears Movie? It's a CG animated feature from China, nad it's opened big there (hence it's place on the charts).

And as our fine trade journals relate:

... Paramount Animation’s The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water made a splash at the international box office with $8M from 935 locations in five territories. ...

With big openings and holds, Big Hero 6 earned an estimated $20.1M this frame for a $266.6M overseas cume off of 37 territories. It was the top movie in the crowded UK market with $6M in its debut ($6.8M including previews). ...

Penguins Of Madagascar had one new opening – in Poland ($1.2M) – and overall earned $6.7M this session. The spinoff was No. 1 again in Brazil, making it three in a row. ...


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