Sunday, February 22, 2015

And This Year's Little Gold Man Goes To ...

Best Animated Short:

Feast -- (Disney) Patrick Osborne, Kristina Reed

Best Animated Feature:

Big Hero 6 -- (Disney) Don Hall, Chris Williams, Roy Conli

And as Mr. Sito says ...

Regardless who wins the Oscar, and all the bellyaching about Lego aside, lets take a minute and salute what a great year this was for animated features! Five really good, really original animated films. Two hand drawn, two CG, and a stop motion. Animated films nominated for best screenplay and best song.

A few years ago we were fighting to even have a features category! Now everyone is talking about it. Give all the people who make animation a big hand for an extraordinary year!


Unknown said...

Perhaps I somehow misread something, but was an animated film really nominated this year for best screenplay? What film?

Steve Hulett said...

Paddington was nominated for a BAFTA in the adapted screenplay category.

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