Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Disney Torrent

... of new trailers, already on display hither and yon.

Brad Bird's opus:

Pete Docter's latest:

My prognostication: both features will do well at the box office. (Wow! How Hulett does go out on a limb!)

From what I can see, they're full of well-observed character stuff, and if story elements in each are similar to bits and pieces of movies already out there, what of it? There is nothing totally new under the sun anyway. It's about how the concepts, story arcs, and characters fit together. About how the actors and director present the material.

Both Bird and Docter are good at putting together satisfying, entertaining movies. So we'll see.


Matt said...

Seriously - Inside Out, Tomorrowland, and Cinderella this year (et al)? Disney will need a HUGE rake for their expanding acreage in 2015.

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