Thursday, March 19, 2015

Like Noses, Mouths, Eyes

I don't really think much about this. However ...

Every Female Character in Every Disney/Pixar Animated Movie From the Past Decade Basically Has the Same Face

... Disney’s bizarre tendency to animate female characters with minor variations of the same doe-eyed, button nosed template extends far beyond Frozen. This week, Tumblr user Every Flavored Bean took to the site to air her grievances about a troubling new discovery. After seeing a few stills from the upcoming film Inside Out:

The three female characters ... have what is basically the exact same facial structure: big eyes + button nose + chubby cheeks. ...

What Every Flavored Bean not be down with is, every feature cartoon company has its own house style.

Disney hand-drawn features had their own distinct look. Nobody would mistake them for Fleischer features (not that Fleischer made that many). Even later Disney animated features looked demonstrably "Disney."

The same holds true for CG features. Every studio has its own look and approach. Illumination Entertainment is distinct from Blue Sky Studios, which is different than DreamWorks Animation.

You would think that Jeffrey Katzenberg, coming from Disney Feature Animation, would imitate his alma mater, but no. The DWA hand-drawn features moved briskly away from the Disney style, and the CG features (to a somewhat lesser degree) have also carved their own paths.

But the latest Disney features (and their women) have a pretty strong lineage ... all the way back to the Fred Moore female centaurs in Fantasia.

Round cheeks? Button noses? Check. Big doe eyes? Maybe less so. Except for ...



Unknown said...

So will Moana, Angelina & Inma look different?

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